There are all kinds of carpet cleaners out there using all kinds of different equipment. The best type of equipment to use for steam cleaning is truck mounted machinery. Not all companies use these machines because they are expensive to purchase and to operate. You can not beat the results that they achieve though and you should always insist on a company using a truck mounted machine when possible. Here are five reasons to always use a company that has truck mounted steam cleaning machines.

  1. They produce more heat.
    Many carpet cleaners use portable machines that use small electric heaters. These heater typically increase water temperature by 20 degrees at the most and that is if the carpet cleaner is moving really slowly. A truck mounted machine will draw heat from the gas engines cooling system and/or exhaust and the vacuum blower. The heat is well in excess of 200 degrees. Heat makes a tremendous difference in the cleaning. With hotter water, the chemical is more active making it clean better. In addition, hot water evaporates quicker so your carpe will dry faster.
  2. They produce more vacuum power.
    Electric powered vacuums can not move as much air as a truck mounted machine. The more vacuum power you have, the more water you remove, obviously. This means more soil is removed and it means that less water will be left in the carpet. It could mean the difference between a 2 hour dry time and a 24 hour dry time.
  3. They use chemicals more efficiently.
    Truck mounted machines have metering systems which allow carpet cleaners to meter a precise amount of chemical through the system. This allows them to clean better with the use of rinse aids. It also allows them to better control what is going into your carpet so that it will stay clean longer with less residue.
  4. They allow for faster cleaning.
    You don’t really want your carpet cleaner at your home or office all day do you? With a truck mount, your carpet cleaner can get your job done in half the time.
  5. They make cleaning more bearable.
    No smelly equipment in your home spewing humid smelly air. Truck mounted machines have all of the equipment outside mounted in the companies van. The only thing the carpet cleaner has to bring in to your home is a water line and a vacuum line.

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