Seattle Carpet Cleaning MachineDo you know how to pick a good carpet cleaner? Unfortunately most people do not and this allows some really bad Seattle cleaning services to stay in business. You can not shop based solely on price, you need to also look at the method being used, the equipment the company owns and who will be doing the work. Most companies are vague about these details but we put it all out there so that you can make an educated decision on whether to hire us. Take a look at what makes us one of the best choices in Seattle carpet cleaning.

Why Cross Country?

  • We Follow Manufacturers Cleaning Instructions
    The major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This is the method that can remove the most soil and it is the one that we use. If you want your carpet cleaned thoroughly, there is no replacing steam cleaning.
  • We Have Well Trained Technicians
    Most companies have employees with little training. They are constantly hiring and training new employees because this is a high turnover industry. These new employees will be learning on YOUR carpet. Instead, we only send out independent carpet cleaners. These are career carpet cleaning techs with a minimum of five years of experience.
  • We Use Truck Mounted Machines
    Truck mounted machines are very expensive so not every company uses them. They clean much better than the portable machines used by most Seattle companies so they are worth the price. They do a much better job because they produce more heat and much more vacuum. They get your carpet cleaner and get it dry in half the time.
  • We Have Honest Pricing
    No tricky pricing schemes or tricks. The price that you will be quoted includes everything that is needed for the average cleaning.
  • We Serve All Of Seattle
    This includes the suburbs of Alki Admiral Ballard Belltown Bitter lake Blue Ridge Broadway Burien Capitol Hill Crown Hill Des Moines Delridge Downtown Denny Regrade Eastlake Fremont Fauntleroy Greenlake Greenwood Highland Highline Interbay Interlake Inverness Lake City Laurelhurst Magnolia Madison Park Madrona Mountbaker Northgate Northcity Northlake Normandy Park Queen Ann Ravenna Seward Park Sea-Tac Skyway Tukwila Univesity Wallingford West Seattle Wedgewood White Center.

Cleaning Services Offered

  • Carpet Cleaning
    We use high quality truck mounted cleaning machines, no residue cleaning solutions and industry leading, veteran carpet cleaners. This all combines to form the best results in Seattle.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    We can steam clean, dry clean or use low moisture cleaning for your upholstery. The variety of methods available to us allows us to handle any piece no matter what it is made of. Do not trust just anyone with your upholstery.
  • Air Duct Cleaning
    Do you find that your sinuses become clogged when you get home. It could be because of your air ducts. Give us a call and let us inspect your system. It might be okay or it might be contaminated. We will let you know.
  • Stone Care
    Natural stone can be tricky. You need to be careful with what pressure is used and especially what chemical is used. Our cleaning techs have the experience to pick the right cleaners and to use the right pressure. This assures you that your stone will be as clean as possible and safe.
  • Tile & Grout
    Our high pressure steam cleaning system can blast away all of the dirt and grime that has gotten into your grout lines and the texture of your tile. It will turn back the clock on your tile and will make it look almost as good as new.
  • Water Removal & Restoration
    We have flood response trucks ready to respond to your water emergency. So, get the water shut off, call the plumber and then call us. We will make it like it never happened and will even handle all of the insurance details.
  • Area Rugs
    We can clean your rugs in shop or on location in many instances. We clean everything from Sisal to Silk to Wool.
  • Wood Floors
    You probably never thought about having your hardwood floors cleaned, but we can dramatically improve the looks of your floor. If your floor looks dull no matter what you do to it, give us a call. We can help.
  • Mattress Cleaning
    If you wake up with a stuffy nose, your mattress might be to blame. Mattresses become home to thousands of dust mites that feed on your dead skin cells. It is their waste that you are allergic to. Let us clean your mattress and give you back your good nights sleep.

Above are the most common services that we offer, but we do more. If your service is not mentioned, give us a call. If we do not offer it, we probably know a great Seattle company that does.

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