carpet cleaningIf you are looking for an easy and hassle free way to clean your carpet, you have just found it. At Cross Country Carpet Cleaning, we do things differently than other  San Jose carpet cleaning services. To begin with, we never use tricky pricing schemes. The price that we quote you for carpet cleaning will include everything that is needed for an average cleaning with absolutely no surprises. In addition, we use powerful truck mounted steam cleaning machines and utilize only experienced carpet cleaning technicians. You will see the difference at every step of the process when you hire Cross Country. Ready to schedule a cleaning? Give us a call or keep reading to learn more about us.

Why Choose Cross Country Carpet Cleaning?

There are many reasons why we feel that we are the best choice in San Jose carpet cleaning. Here are a few of the things that our customers have told us that they appreciate most.

  • We use the best cleaning method.
    Steam cleaning or Hot Water Extraction is the only way to clean a residential carpet. It combines heat, chemical, agitation and water flow to remove the most soil possible. Dry cleaning methods can not compete because they lack water flow. They are limited in how much soil they can remove. That is why carpet manufacturers suggest you steam clean a carpet.
  • We have the best carpet cleaners in the industry.
    Our clients love the cleaning technicians we send to them. We use only veteran carpet cleaners with a minimum of five years of experience. We hand select each one and make sure that they are knowledgable and have a history of strong customer service.
  • We use only truck mounted machines.
    These machines are very expensive so not a lot of San Jose companies use them. They allow us to clean your carpet better because they produce more heat and much more vacuum. This means that your carpet will not only be cleaner, it will get dry much faster.
  • We never play the pricing game.
    This means that we offer fair cleaning prices with no hidden fees. You might see a lower price advertised but you will find out quickly that there is a lot of fine print attached. Our price includes everything needed for a basic cleaning with no hidden fees. We are the best value in San Jose carpet cleaning.
  • We have convenient scheduling.
    We utilize short time windows and will give you a call when we are on our way to your location. This means that you do not need to wait around all day for us. We call you and you can just meet us at your location.
  • We serve all of San Jose
    This icludes Santa Clara, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Milpitas, Willow Glen, Evergreen, Morgan Hill & Gilroy.

For All of Your Cleaning Needs

We offer a full range of cleaning services to meet all of your needs. If you need a service not listed, give us a call. If we can’t help, we can at least point you in the right direction.

  • Carpet
    We steam clean carpet with truck mounted machinery and quality cleaning supplies. You will be amazed at what we can do with the best supplies and the best trained carpet cleaners.
  • Upholstery
    Unlike carpet, there is no one method to clean every piece of upholstery. We offer a number of different cleaning methods to clean any type of material safely.
  • Stone
    Stone has become far more prevalent over the last few years and lots of carpet cleaners are cleaning it. Not all of them are cleaning it correctly though. Our experts know the proper chemicals and pressures to use on your stone floors and counters. We can restore the original appearance and can even make it look better with stone enhancers.
  • Tile & Grout
    We use a special high pressure cleaning system to power away dirt, grime and grease. This self contained system can make short work of tile and is mess free. When we are done, you can put your floors back to immediate use.
  • Air Ducts
    Your HVAC system can host a variety of contaminants. If you find that you are getting sick more often or are congested in your home more than outside of it, you might need air duct cleaning. Give us a call and let us inspect your system for signs of problems.
  • Water (Flood) Damage
    We have trucks ready to go 24 hours a day. If you have a leak, you need to get it handled quickly because it will rapidly spread through your home. We can be at your home in minutes in most cases and we work with insurers to make the process easier on you.
  • Fine Rug Cleaning
    Whether you have a $50 synthetic rug or a $10,000 oriental, we can handle the job. Most synthetic rugs can safely be cleaned on site. More delicate rugs will need in shop cleaning, but do not worry, we offer pick up and delivery services.
  • Wood Floors
    Over the years wood floors can build up quite a residue from cleaners and soil. This can dull the finish making your floors look old. We can restore the luster and shine to your wood floor with our economical wood floor cleaning system.
  • Protection
    We offer Scotchgard and Teflon brand carpet and upholstery protectors. Protectors will make your carpet last longer because it will prevent much of the soil from sticking to the fiber.

Common Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions that we get from our clients in San Jose.

  • How often should I have my carpet cleaned?
    At least once a year, you can use that as a guideline. If you have kids, pets, smoke ore live in a dusty region of the country, you may need to have it cleaned more often. Many of our clients clean the entire house once a year and then clean just high traffic areas every six months. You may not need to clean your entire house all of the time.
  • How long will carpet cleaning take?
    Expect it top take about 20 minutes per room of carpet being cleaned for average soiling conditions. Heavy soiling may require additional time.
  • Will it take a long time to dry?
    No, because we use truck mounted machines, our dry times are reasonable. on average, expect to wait about 4 to 8 hours for your carpet to dry. This does not mean that you can not walk on them during that time, just limit traffic as much as possible.
  • What can I do to speed up the dry time?
    On nice, dry , low humidity days, you can open all of the windows in your home. Otherwise, utilize your air conditioning or heat and place as many fans on the carpet as possible. Ceiling fans are vey beneficial, turn them on high.
  • What should I do to prepare for your arrival?
    Please remove breakables from furniture that you want moved. If you have pets, please be prepared to lock them up and have something for your kids to do to keep them occupied.
  • Do you offer discounts for senior citizens, military, etc.?
    Give us a call to discuss special discounts and promotions.

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