carpet cleaningFinding the best carpet cleaner in Philadelphia is no easy task. There are literally hundreds of companies to choose from and honestly, at least half of them are unethical. This is an easy industry to get into and it is one that is largely unregulated. This makes it EXTREMELY important for you to take your time when choosing a Philadelphia carpet cleaning service. We hope that you choose us but if not we hope you find one of the other ethical cleaning companies. Below, you will find more information about our services and reasons that we feel we are the best choice. If you would like to schedule a cleaning, please pick up the phone and give us a call at any time.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

We believe that we are the absolute best choice in Philadelphia carpet cleaning and we are going to prove it to you. Here is what makes us the right choice.

  1. We Use The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method
    Carpet manufacturers recommend that you use hot water extraction or steam cleaning when you clean your carpet and this is the method that we use. It is the only method that is able to remove a large amount of soil from a residential carpet. Dry cleaning methods can make your carpet look a bit better, but, because they use limited amounts of moisture, they can only remove a limited amount of soil.
  2. We Use Top Of The Line Machinery
    Many carpet cleaners in Philly use portable machines because they are cheap. Cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. The problem with these machines is that they lack heat and vacuum, two very important thing in carpet cleaning. We use truck mounted machines that are powered by gas engines. They produce very high water temperature and very high levels of vacuum. With these truck mounted machines, your carpet wil get cleaner and will dry much faster.
  3. We Have The Most Experienced Technicians
    In this business, experience counts. This is why all of the technicians that we send out have a minimum of five years of experience. We can do this because we hand pick career carpet cleaning technicians, we do not use employees. They are independent cleaners who have chosen this business as a career and as such, they will do a better job.
  4. We Have Ethical Pricing
    No bait and switch tactics or hidden charges. You will get a fair price that includes everything needed for an average cleaning and we will stick to it.
  5. We Serve The Entire Philadelphia Area
    This includes Philadelphia, PA and Camden, Pennsauken, Darby, Cherry Hill, Maple Shade, Fairmount Park, Chester, Landsdowne, Springfield, Glenolden, Gloucester City, Folsom, Sharon Hill, Drexel Hill & Clifton Heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the typical drying time?
    An average carpet takes between 4 to 8 hours to dry. Drying time depends on the weather conditions and soiling condition of the carpet.
  • Does cleaning a carpet cause it to get dirty faster?
    Not the way we do it. We use cleaning solutions designed to rinse freely and leave minimal residue behind.
  • I have severe pet odor problems, can you help?
    Yes, we have a number of methods available to treat any pet odor issues from mild to severe.
  • Do you offer Scotchgard protection?
    Yes, we can protect your carpet. Ask your cleaning technician for details and rates.

Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
    Our main business and one that we excel in. We use truck mounted machines, premium supplies and the best techs to get your carpet incredibly clean.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    We can clan all types of upholstered furniture from Polyester to silk and everything in between.
  • Natural Stone Care
    Don’t trust just anyone to clean your natural stone. We can clean it the right way and treat every type of stone differently.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    If your grout has seen better days, we can help. Our high pressure cleaning system can turn back the clock on your floor and make it look like it did on the day it was installed.
  • Air Duct Cleaning
    Regular air duct cleaning can keep your home healthy. Give us a call and let us do an inspection of your system to see if it needs professional cleaning.
  • Emergency Water Damage  Restoration
    We have crews ready to jump into action 24 hours a day. Time is critical with flood damage and we can help minimize the problem.
  • Area Rug Cleaning
    Whether your rug needs in home or in shop cleaning, we can help. We can also pick it up and deliver it back to you.
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
    Sometimes all a wood floor needs to bring back the shine is a good cleaning. Our wood floor cleaning system can remove years of dirt and cleaning solutions that are dulling the finish.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

There are many benefits to a regular carpet cleaning. Here are some of the biggest reasons to give us a call.

  • Your Carpet Will Last Longer With Regular Care
    It is a fact, a properly maintained carpet will last longer. You can potentially double the life of your carpet by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning it will remove abrasive soil that will wear down your carpet fibers.
  • Your Carpet Acts Like A Giant Air Filter
    Sounds weird, but it is true. Your carpet traps contaminants like dust and pollen and keeps it out of the air. As long as you clean it from time to time, it will keep filtering your air and make your home healthier.
  • Clean Carpet Is More Attractive
    Let’s face it, clean carpet just looks good and it is the first thing guests look at when they come to your home. You spend a lot of money on your home, enjoy it more with clean carpet.
  • Clean Carpet Feels Better
    There is no beating the feel of a clean, soft, fluffy carpet on your feet.

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