carpet cleaningIf you want a quality carpet cleaning job in Jacksonville, you want to hire a Cross Country Carpet Cleaning technicians. We do things like no other company and provide a service that is unrivaled. We use only truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, premium cleaning solutions and highly experienced carpet cleaners. This allows us to get your carpet cleaner than any other Jacksonville company. And, because we do not use tricky pricing schemes, there are never any headaches with Cross Country. Give us a call now or schedule a carpet cleaning online to see for yourself.

Why Choose Cross Country?

There are a number of reasons why we feel that we are the best choice in the area for carpet, upholstery or tile cleaning. Here are some of the top reasons to choose us.

We offer steam cleaning.
Many companies offer other dry cleaning methods but the only way to clean a carpet right is to steam clean it. This is why every major carpet manufacturer recommends steam cleaning or hot water extraction. It is a well balanced cleaning method that is safe for the carpet and that can remove the most soil. Dry cleaning methods have limited soil removal ability so they are best suited for commercial applications that are cleaned weekly or daily.

We have high quality cleaning equipment.
We only use truck mounted machines at Cross Country because they are far superior to the portable machines used by many Jacksonville companies. Our machines are powered by gas engines so they can produce heat in excess of 200 degrees and very high levels of vacuum. With these machines, our carpet cleaners can get your carpet cleaner and dry in a very short time. They are expensive pieces of machinery, but we feel they are worth it.

We use only experienced technicians.
Our carpet cleaners are hand picked to make sure that they live up to our cleaning standards. They all have a minimum of five years of cleaning experience and have a track record of quality. We can offer you this because we only use independent carpet cleaners. That large franchise just can not compete with the quality of our industry veterans.

We have no hidden charges.
You will not get the typical carpet cleaning runaround when you hire us. No tricky pricing schemes or hidden charges. Just a reasonable price for a great carpet cleaning.

We have a large service area in Jacksonville.
We clean in Jacksonville, FL and Avondale, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, East Arlington, Southside, San Jose, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, Intracoastal, Arlington, Mandarin, Baymeadows & Ponte Vedra Beach.

Full Service Cleaning Company

We offer you a number of home cleaning services. Here is a list of some of our most popular services.

  • Carpet Cleaning
    Using truck mounted machines and no residue cleaners, we provide superior cleaning of wall to wall carpet.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    We clean all types and materials. In addition, we have a number of different methods of cleaning available so that we can clean your furniture safely and effectively.
  • Grout & Tile Cleaning
    If your tile and grout has seen better days, we can help. We use a high pressure steam cleaning system that powers away years of abuse. You might be surprised at what color those grout lines really are.
  • Stone Cleaners
    We are expert stone cleaners and can not only clean your natural stone, we can also enhance it, making it look better than new.
  • HVAC System Cleaning
    Your air ducts can, over time, become home to a number of pollutants. Let us clean out your air ducts and restore health to your home. It all begins with a call so that we can come inspect your home’s air duct system.
  • Water (Flood) Damage
    In an emergency, quick response is critical. We have techs ready to hop into action 24 hours a day. They will also work with your insurance company to make the whole process hassle free.
  • Rug Cleaning Services
    Whether you have a $200 Nylon rug or a $10,000 Oriental rug, our techs can help. We offer both in home and in shop cleaning with pick up and delivery service available.
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
    Dod you know that over time cleaning solutions and soil can build up on the surface of your wood floor. When they do, they can dull the appearance of your floor and they will require a good professional cleaning. We can restore the shine to your floor without the high cost of refinishing.
  • Mattress Cleaning
    You spend eight or more hours a day on your mattress. If you are waking up stuffy, it could be because of the dust mites in it. Let us clean your mattress and keep dust mites under control.

Hopefully, by now you are ready to schedule a carpet cleaning in Jacksonville. If so, give us a call or schedule online. You can also call us with any questions that you might still have.

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