carpet cleaningAt Cross Country Carpet Cleaning, we know that it is hard for the average consumer to pick a quality carpet cleaning company in Houston. Most people have little experience with carpet cleaning and, unfortunately, this industry is ripe with unethical companies. We try to make your choice easier by laying out all of the things that make us the best choice in Houston, TX carpet cleaning. No misleading statements, no double talk, just the facts. Take a minute to read about our company and when you are ready to schedule, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Best Houston Carpet Cleaning

We believe that we are the best choice in Houston carpet and upholstery cleaning and here is why.

  1. We Use The Most Effective Method
    The only method that is capable of removing the most soil in a residential carpet is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. That is why every major carpet manufacturer recommends this method. Dry cleaning can make your carpet look a little better, but if you want a deep down clean that removes soil instead of just hiding it, you need to have your carpet steam cleaned.
  2. We Use The Best Equipment
    The cheapest way to steam clean a carpet is with a portable machine and that is what many carpet cleaners use. Portable machines are limited by household current and therefore can not achieve high heat levels and have poor vacuum performance. That is why our carpet cleaning techs use truck mounted machines. These machines are much more expensive and are powered by gas engines. They can produce and maintain heat in excess of 200 degrees and have very high levels of vacuum. They get your carpet cleaner and get it dry in a hurry.
  3. We Have The Best Technicians
    We can say this because we use only career carpet cleaning technicians with at least five years of experience. This is a high turnover industry and your average employee is only going to have a few months of experience. Our carpet cleaning technicians have chosen this job as a career and have the experience to handle any situation.
  4. We Have Honest Pricing
    Nobody likes to be tricked, but that is what most Houston carpet cleaners like to do to you. They lure you in with a cheap price only to nickel and dime you to death. The prices that we charge you include everything that you need for a carpet cleaning with no surprise charges.
  5. We Serve All of Houston
    This includes Houston and Pasadena, Baytown, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Missouri City, League City, Pearland, La Porte, Channelview, Friendswood, Rosenberg & Alvin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my carpet take days to dry?
    No, your carpet will take about 4 to 8 hours to dry, on average. Some carpets can dry in just a few hours with good weather conditions.
  • Will my carpet get dirty faster after you steam clean it?
    This used to be the case when carpet cleaners used soap and strong detergents. Our cleaners are designed to leave minimal residue so your carpets stay clean longer. So, no, they will not get dirty faster.
  • Can you treat dog and cat odor?
    Yes, our technicians have a number of means at their disposal to neutralize light to heavy pet odor issues.

Our Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
    Wall to wall carpet cleaning of all materials. Nylon, Olefin, polyester, even wool.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    Our second most popular service and one that we take pride in excelling out. We clean upholstery the right way and have methods to clean all materials from synthetic to natural.
  • Stone Cleaning
    Yes, we can return the natural beauty of your natural stone floors and counters. Ask us about enhancers to bring out even more of your stones natural good looks.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    We use a high pressure cleaning system to thoroughly and neatly clean your tile and grout. We can remove years of grime in just minutes.
  • Air Ducts
    If you new what was in your air ducts, you might be appalled. Give us a call and let us do an inspection of your system.
  • Emergency Water Damage  Restoration
    Time is of the essence with water damage which is why we have techs standing by 24 hours a day to assist you.
  • Area Rug Cleaning
    We offer in home and in shop area rug cleaning. The type of cleaning required depends on the type of rug, so give us a call. Pick up and delivery service is available.
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
    A good cleaning may be all that your wood floor needs to return its shine. Before you refinish, let us clean it.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are just so many benefits to professional carpet cleaning in Houston. Here are just a few.

  • Your Carpet Will Last Longer
    It is a fact, a properly maintained carpet will last longer. You can potentially double the life of your carpet by cleaning it regularly.
  • Your Carpet Keeps Your Air Clean
    Sounds weird, but it is true. Your carpet traps contaminants like dust and pollen and keeps it out of the air. As long as you clean it from time to time, it will keep doing that and will make your home healthier.
  • Clean Carpet Just Looks Better
    Let’s face it, clean carpet just looks good and it is the first thing guests look at when they come to your home.
  • Clean Carpet Feels Better
    There is no beating the feel of a clean, soft, fluffy carpet on your feet.

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