imgresHost Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning is, like the name implies, a dry method of carpet cleaning. The process is simple. A semi moist powder is applied to the carpet and then agitated with counter rotating nylon brushes. The powder contains a slight amount of solvent and detergent and acts like little sponges, breaking down and absorbing soil.

Host For Commercial Use

The most common use for Host Dry Carpet Cleaning is in commercial settings where it is necessary to clean a carpet often and where the carpet needs to be dry in a hurry. It is well suited for this application.


  1. Quick Drying
    The carpet will dry in a matter of minutes after a cleaning. This is a very significant benefit to commercial businesses such as hotels, airports or casinos where they never shut down.
  2. Easy To Use
    The basic process is very simple to learn and to teach employees. Janitorial staff can pick up the method very quickly with little training.
  3. Affordable Equipment
    For just a few thousand dollars, a business can but the needed equipment to perform this method.


  1. Low Soil Removal Ability
    The system uses minimal moisture and can therefore not remove as much soil as steam cleaning. It is best for carpets that are cleaned often. Heavy soiling conditions will require multiple treatments with Host to achieve an adequate appearance.
  2. Powder Tracks Off
    The dry powder easily gets trapped in shoe tread and is easy to track off into other areas of the carpet that are not being cleaned.
  3. Powder Is Expensive
    Compared to systems that use water and chemical, the powder can become expensive.

Host For Residential Use

In addition to commercial applications, Host Dry Carpet Cleaning has become increasingly popular in residential environments. This may not be the best use for this particular product. Most consumers would get better results from Hot Water Extraction which is capable of removing more soil. Soil load in a residential carpet  that is cleaned only annually is much higher than what you would find in a commercial setting.


  1. Short Dry Times
    The powder will dry in just minutes which can be beneficial for busy families.
  2. Excellent Vacuuming Ability
    The design of the host machine does a great job of separating and vacuuming between the carpet fibers. This makes it very good at pet hair removal.
  3. Can Clean Delicate Materials
    Delicate materials that are sensitive to moisture such as Sisal or Seagrass rugs can be cleaned with Host.


  1. Limited Soil Removal Ability
    The system use little moisture so it can not remove as much soil as hot water extraction. This is a big problem with residential carpet because a residential carpet will have far more soil in it than a commercial one. This is because residential carpets are cleaned usually annually at best.
  2. Powder Is Hard To Remove
    The powder can be difficult to remove from a thick residential carpet. It will get stuck in between the fibers and you will probably notice powder stuck to bare feet for weeks or months after a cleaning. It does no damage, it is just a nuisance.
  3. Expensive Compared To Other Methods
    Because this process is slower than other methods, labor costs sill be higher so you will typically pay more for this service than you would for steam cleaning.

In conclusion, Host Dry Carpet Cleaning or Dry Powder Cleaning is a good method that has its place. Residential environments are not that place so leave the powder for Commercial businesses.

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