Unknown-2Has your wood floor lost it’s luster? You might think that you need to have it refinished, but all you may need is a good wood floor cleaning. Over the years, dirt, grime, oil and cleaning products cake your wood floor. They lodge in the cracks and dull the appearance of your floor. Our Birmingham cleaning experts can perform a cleaning that will remove these contaminants and bring back the original luster of your floor. So before you give up on that wood floor, give us a call.

What Can You Expect of Wood Floor Cleaning

  • A shiny floor.
    Over time cleaners and debris adhere to your floor and can be difficult to remove. Our technicians have special cleaners that can remove years of buildup and restore the finish of your wood floor.
  • Affordable service.
    Wood floor cleaning is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional refinishing.
  • Quick floor restoration.
    When compared to wood floor refinishing, wood floor cleaning is very quick and efficient. Work is completed in one day, in most cases.
  • No mess service.
    If you have ever had a floor refinished, you know that it is a messy process. Clean your floor instead and you will not have to put up with the mess.

How Will Your Wood Floor Be Cleaned

  • First, your floor will be vacuumed to remove loose dust and debris.
  • Next, a special wood floor cleaning solution is applied to the floor.
  • A floor machine with an absorbent pad is then used to agitate and absorb the cleaning solution and soil.
  • Once the cleaner is absorbed, a special polishing pad is used to restore the luster of your floor.
  • Finally, the edges and corners of your floor are cleaned by hand where the machine can not reach.

We provide cleaning services to all of the greater Birmingham area including: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Vestavia, Alabaster, Bessemes, Homewood, Northport, Pelham, Mountain Brook, Hueytown, Center Point, Helena, Moody, Gardendale, Trussville, McCalla, Leeds, Forestdale, Pleasant Grove, Irondale, Fultondale, Pinson, Chelsea, Calera & Springville.