upholstery-cleaningAt Cross Country, we do more than just standard carpet cleaning, we are also expert upholstery cleaners. If you are in need of upholstery cleaning in Leeds, we are the one to chose. This is because, unlike others, we take the time to do the job right. With upholstery this means first inspecting the furniture before we clean it. Not every method is right for every type of fabric so before we clean your piece we will determine the construction and content of it. Only then can we choose the best method of cleaning. Often this is steam cleaning but if it needs another method such as dry cleaning or low moisture cleaning, we can handle it. Ready to see how good your furniture can look? Give us a call today.

Upholstery Cleaning Steps

First, your piece will be inspected by our expert cleaning technicians. To do this, they will take a sample of the material and test it for content. Next, they will look at the construction of the material (backing, stitch method, etc). Finally, they will test the dye for stability. After doing all of this and after losing at the type of soiling present, they will choose the best method.

When it comes time to clean the piece, the first step is a vacuuming to remove dry soil. This is an important yet often overlooked step. Next the proper conditioning solution is applied to the piece and given time to dwell. If necessary, the high use areas will be hand agitated. Finally, the fabric is tins using low moisture cleaning tools designed to leave a minimal amount of moisture behind. The result is expertly cleaned furniture that can often be put to use in a matter of hours.

Types of Upholstery

Basically, if you can sit on it, we can clean it. We typically clean couches, love seats, sofas, sectionals, dining chairs, etc. In addition, we often clean many specialty pieces so give us a call with your particular needs.

Quality Guarantee

Please inspect the piece cleaned before we leave. If you would like anything retouched, we will be happy to do so.