UnknownCeramic Tile is far more common than it used to be. People are finding out that it is a nice, durable material that adds true value to your home, unlike vinyl flooring. They are also finding out that it is not entirely maintenance free. Those grout lines can hold dirt, grime and grease and are very difficult to clean by yourself. In addition, if you have a textured tile, you might find that soil has become trapped in the grooves, changing the appearance of your tile. We can help. Our cleaning technicians can blast away years of dust, grime, grease and dirt in just a few hours. Don’t spend days on your knees with a toothbrush to achieve mediocre results. Let us make it look like new in a single cleaning.

Our Tile Cleaning Process

  • Step One
    First we vacuum or sweep your floor to remove dry soil, if needed. We want to remove the loose soil before we add moisture that would make it sticky.
  • Step Two
    Next, we apply our cleaning solution to the floor and allow it to dwell and break down soil.
  • Step Three
    If your grout lines are heavily soiled, we will hand scrub or even machine scrub the grout to break down the soil and completely emulsify it.
  • Step Four
    Now, we rinse the tile and grout with a high pressure steam cleaning tool. We will use between 800 and 1200 PSI of pressure, depending on the needs of your tile.
  • Step Five
    We remove any trace amounts of moisture from your floor with either towels or a drying fan.

Why Call Us For Birmingham Tile Cleaning?

  • Your grout lines are no longer the same color. Look at the edge of your tile floor and the middle of it. Do the grout lines match?
  • Your floor doesn’t have the same shine that it used to. This does not mean that it is worn down. It probably indicates that it is coated with years of dirt and cleaning residue.
  • You tried it yourself and tired out. It is a lot of work to clean grout lines without the training and the proper tools.

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