carpet cleaningIf you have ever looked for a carpet cleaner, you know just how hard it can be to find a good one. Every carpet cleaning service in Trussville claims to be the best and they all look the same on the surface. This leads to many people choosing a carpet cleaner based solely on the price that they charge. This is a huge mistake because the cheapest carpet cleaner is never the best and is often the most expensive. Cheap carpet cleaners typically have hidden fees tat drive the price up well over the price that a legit carpet cleaner would charge.

At Cross Country Carpet Cleaning, we do things differently. W charge fair prices, deliver exceptional service and care about the product we are selling. Take a look at what makes us the carpet cleaner of choice in Trussville, AL.

  • We Use The Best Cleaning Method
    The cleaning method recommended by every major carpet manufacturer is hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. This is the method that we use because it works better, is safer on your carpet and will maintain your carpet warranty. Other methods like dry cleaning just do not do the job in a residential situation.
  • We Use Quality Carpet Cleaning Equipment
    With steam cleaning, the absolute best equipment to use is truck mounted. Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines produce more heat, more vacuum power and more water flow. They allow our cleaning technicians to get your carpet much cleaner than the portable machines used by many of our competitors in Trussville. In addition, they allow us to get your carpet dry in just a few hours.
  • We Only Use Industry Veterans
    The average employee at that bug franchise will only have a few months of experience at best. Our carpet cleaning technicians have, at the minimum, ten years of carpet cleaning experience. We also track customer satisfaction to make sure that the tech that we send to you will deliver an exceptional cleaning experience.
  • We Have Fair Prices
    Our carpet cleaning prices include everything that is needed for a carpet cleaning with no surprises. You might see a cheaper price advertised, but read the fine print. Other Trussville companies like to charge extra for the things that we include for free. This is called “bait and switch” and we do not believe in it. With Cross Country, you get honest pricing.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process begins with a deep vacuuming of your home or office carpet. This is an important and often skipped step because dry soil is much easier to remove than wet mud. Next, a pre-conditioning cleaner designed to break down and absorb soil is applied to your carpet. This is a crucial step and one that many Trussville, AL carpet cleaners like to charge an additional fee for. It is included at no additional charge because we do not believe in charging extra for something that every carpet has to have. Finally, your carpet is rinsed clean with high temperature water to remove the soil and the pre-conditioning agent. Your carpet is left clean, residue free and only slightly damp. After the carpet cleaning, you are asked to inspect the carpet and our professionals will be happy to address any concerns that you might have.