carpet cleaningChoosing a carpet cleaner in Pleasant Grove should be an easy task, but it is not. The sad truth is that this industry is filled with a number of companies that are only looking to take money from you. They have no interest in repeat business or doing a good job. At Cross Country, we operate differently. We want to make you a customer for life and here is how we will do it.

  • Fair Pricing Methods
    Many companies like to offer a low, low initial price to trick you into hiring them. Once inside your home, they will jack up the price with hidden fee after hidden fee. By the time they are done, you will pay much more than a legit company would have charged. The price that we quote you includes everything needed for a standard professional carpet cleaning, no tricks.
  • Well Trained Technicians
    We do not use employees. Sounds strange, we know but this is a high turnover industry and the average employee will have only a few months experience, and experience counts. Instead, we hire independent career carpet cleaning technicians. Our techs have a minimum of ten years of experience and we track their customer satisfaction ratings. This means that you will always get a carpet cleaner with experience and a desire to do quality work.
  • The Best Cleaning System
    The only way to clean a carpet correctly is with hot water extraction or steam cleaning. It is the method that carpet manufacturers recommends because it works better at removing soil and keeping a carpet in good condition. In addition, we use only the finest equipment. Our technicians use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines which produce more heat, vacuum power and water flow. These expensive machines allow them to clean your carpet better than the portable machines used by other Pleasant Grove carpet cleaners.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. We start each cleaning with a thorough vacuuming to remove dry soil.
  2. Next, we apply a pre-treatment to your carpet to break down and absorb soil.
  3. Then we extract your carpet with a high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine.
  4. Finally, we spot clean any basic spots that might have escaped the regular cleaning process.

When we are done, we invite you to inspect the carpet and if you have any issues, we will correct them before we leave.