carpet cleaningIf you want your carpet to last, you need to clean it often. Regular carpet cleaning will double the life of your carpet, but that is not all it will do. It will also greatly improve your indoor air quality and will increase your enjoyment of your home. A clean and soft carpet just makes your house feel better and more comfortable. Having your carpet cleaned is not always an easy thing though. Choosing a Pelham carpet cleaning service that you can trust and count on can be difficult. We try to make your decision easy by setting ourselves apart from our competitors. Here is how we do that and why you should choose us.

  • We Use The Recommended Cleaning Method
    Only one method is recommended by major carpet manufacturers and that is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Other methods such as dry cleaning are not suited for residential situations. They can do a fair job on commercial carpet maintenance, if used weekly, but they lack the ability to remove a great deal of soil. They can also be damaging to a carpet because they rely too much on aggressive agitation. Nothing gets a carpet cleaner than steam cleaning.
  • We Use The Best Steam Cleaning Machines
    Many Pelham carpet cleaners use portable steam cleaning machines because they are cheaper. They run on household current and thus have limited heat and vacuum power. Our carpet cleaners use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. These machines are much more expensive and produce higher heat, vacuum, levels and increased water flow. They allow our trained technicians to get your carpet cleaner and get it dry in a hurry.
  • Our Cleaning Technicians Are Better Trained
    We use owner operator carpet cleaners. These are industry professionals with a minimum of ten years of experience. You can not get an experienced carpet cleaner from that big franchise, it is just too much of a high employee turnover business. We use the best industry professionals and track their service record to make sure they are keeping our customers happy.
  • Our Prices Are Straight Forward
    No gimmicks and no tricky pricing schemes here. The price you are quoted includes everything needed for a basic carpet cleaning.

Our Cleaning Process

Our  carpet cleaning process begins with a thorough commercial pre-vacuuming of the carpet if needed. This is an important step because dry soil is much easier to remove than wet mud. Next, your carpet will be treated with a pre-conditioning agent to break down and absorb soil. This is also a crucial step and one that many Pelham carpet cleaners like to charge an additional fee for. It is included at no additional charge. Finally, your carpeting is rinsed with high temperature water to remove soil and the pre-conditioning agent. Your carpet is left clean, nearly dry and residue free. After the cleaning, you are asked to inspect the carpet and our technicians will be happy to address any concerns that you might have.