carpet cleaningProfessional carpet cleaning has a number of benefits. It will improve the indoor air quality of your home, will make your home feel cleaner and will make your carpet last longer. That being said, carpet cleaning can be a huge headache. The biggest problem is finding a qualified carpet cleaning service in Mountain Brook. There are a number of carpet cleaners that would love to take your money, but few that will do a good job and earn your money. We strive to set ourselves apart from he others and here are just a few of the ways that we do that.

  • We Perform Steam Cleaning
    Also called hot water extraction, steam cleaning is the method that is recommended and even required by nearly all carpet manufacturers. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different because no other method can outclean steam cleaning and no other method is safer for your carpet. If dry cleaning actually worked, our technicians would do it, because the equipment is considerably cheaper than the equipment we use.
  • We Use Truck Mounted Machines
    Speaking of equipment, we use only truck mounted machines. Truck mounted machines produce the highest heat, vacuum and water flow. They allow our cleaning technicians to get your carpet much cleaner and because we can pull out more of the moisture, it will dry much faster. Not every Mountain Brook company uses these machines because they are expensive, but they should.
  • We Use Industry Professionals
    That big franchise might have a slick as campaign, but they probably have employees with limited experience. This is a high turnover industry and the chance of getting a tech with more than a few months experience is slim. Our carpet cleaners by comparison are independent industry experts with a good track record and a minimum of ten years experience. Experience counts.
  • Our Pricing Is Clear
    Companies like to be trick with their pricing to confuse consumers. This allows them to charge hidden fees. Our prices are straight forward and include everything needed for a carpet cleaning.

Our Cleaning Process

The cleaning process begins with a thorough vacuuming of your carpet if needed. This is an important and often skipped step because dry soil is much easier to remove than wet mud. Next, your carpet will be treated with a pre-conditioning cleaner designed to break down and absorb soil. This is also a crucial step and one that many Mountain Brook carpet cleaners like to charge an additional fee for. It is included at no additional charge. Finally, your carpeting is rinsed clean with high temperature water to remove soil and the pre-conditioning agent. Your carpet is left clean, nearly dry and residue free. After the carpet cleaning, you are asked to inspect the carpet and our professionals will be happy to address any concerns that you might have.