carpet cleaning

Finding a qualified Leeds carpet cleaning service can be a difficult thing. There are many carpet cleaners looking to take your money, but few that will do a good job. For the average consumer, it can be hard to see through the hype and pick the company that truly is going to do a good job. At Cross Country, we strive to be transparent and want to show you exactly why you should choose us. Keep reading and learn why you should hire us for your Leeds carpet cleaning.

We Use The Best Cleaning Method
Only one method is recommended by every big carpet manufacturer and that is hot water extraction, often referred to as steam cleaning. It is capable of removing the most soil and is safest on the carpet. There are other methods on the market, but they lack the ability to deal with the high levels of soil present in a residential carpet. Dry cleaning methods are best left to commercial carpets that are cleaned weekly or daily.

We Use The Best Equipment
The only way to do steam cleaning right is with a truck mounted machine. They produce higher heat, higher levels of vacuum and are capable of running more water through your carpet. They allow a carpet cleaner to get your carpet cleaner and get it dry quickly. Why doesn’t every company use these machines? Because they are expensive. The average truck mounted machine costs over $20,000 while a cheaper portable machine can be had for as little as $1500.

We Use The Best Trained Technicians
It might sound funny, but we do not use employees. Our cleaning technicians are industry experts with a minimum of ten years of cleaning experience and a track record of success. No employee of that big franchise can match the expertise of our cleaners. When you hire a Cross Country technician, you get an expert and career carpet cleaner.

Our Cleaning Process

The process that we use to clean carpet is hot water extraction, better known to most as steam cleaning. This is the only method recommended by every major carpet maker. This is because it does the best cleaning job and is safest on the carpet. We also use only truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. These machines produce more heat, water flow and vacuum power. They get your carpet cleaner and drier. Here is what is included in our base carpet cleaning price. Notice that we include things that other Leeds, AL carpet cleaners charge extra for.

  • Vacuuming
    Commercial quality vacuuming to remove dry soil before water is applied.
  • Pre-Treatment
    Safe cleaning solution designed to break down and absorb soil and oil.
  • Basic Spot Cleaning
    Ordinary spots are treated and cleaned for no additional charge.
  • Extraction
    Truck mounted hot water extraction designed to flush the soil from your carpet and leave it soft and clean.
  • Guarantee
    We invite you to inspect the carpet when we finish. Our technicians will make sure you are happy with the cleaning before they leave.