carpet cleaning Hoover, AL

Regular professional carpet cleaning is very important and has a number of benefits. It can almost double the life of your carpet and will improve the quality of your indoor air. When it comes to carpe cleaning, not all Hoover, AL carpet cleaning services are the same. Our technicians provide the best in local carpet cleaning because they are highly trained, use the best cleaning methods and the very best in equipment. The method we use is hot water extraction, better known as stream cleaning. It is the only method recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers because it is safer and more effective.

In addition to using the best method, our cleaning technicians use the best equipment, This means truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. These machines produce more heat, vacuum power and water flow. This allows our technicians to get your carpet cleaner and get it dry in just a matter of hours, in most cases. Not all cleaners use these machines because they are very expensive, but the quality results they produce are worth the cost.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process begins with a thorough pre-vacuuming of the carpe when needed. This is an important step because soil is much easier to remove when it is dry as opposed to when it becomes muddy with moisture. Next, your carpet will be treated with a pre-conditioning agent to break down and absorb soil. This is also a crucial step and one that many Hoover carpet cleaners like to charge extra for. It is included at no additional charge. Next, your carpet is rinsed with high temperature water to remove soil, the pre-conditioner and leave your carpet clean and residue free. After the cleaning, you are invited to inspect the carpet and our technicians will be happy to address any concerns that you might have.

Why Choose A Cross Country Technician?

  • Truck Mounted Machines
    They clean better with more heat, vacuum and water flow.
  • Well Trained Professionals
    No short time employees. Our technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • Quality Guaranteed
    Your satisfaction is guaranteed and are techs are eager to offer the best service in Hoover.