carpet cleaningIf you are looking to have your carpet cleaned, you might be at a loss as to where to begin. You are not alone, most consumers do not know how to choose a carpet cleaning service. How could you, you only use a carpet cleaner maybe once a year. This leads many people to choose based solely on price, which is a recipe for disaster. Price is important, but it should not be your primary consideration if you want a successful cleaning. Here are some things that you should consider, things that make us the right choice.

  • Cleaning Method
    There are a lot of different cleaning methods out there and every company likes to tell you that theirs is the best. The truth is though that there is only one method backed by eery major carpet manufacturer. That method is hot water extraction or steam cleaning at this is the method that we use. It is safest and works the best.
  • Equipment Being Used
    A carpet cleaning company can go into business for as little as $1500 if they choose a cheap machine, but they will not get the job done very well. Our carpet cleaning technicians use only truck mounted machines. These machines are very expensive, costing on average $20,000. This is why not every company uses them. They deliver higher heat, more water flow and more vacuum power. They allow our technicians to get your carpet cleaner than other companies and dry in a hurry.
  • Experience
    This is a high turnover industry and employees come and go. The experienced technicians go into business for themselves which is why we use only independent carpet cleaners. Our carpet cleaners have a minimum of ten years of experience and we track customer satisfaction to make sure that the cleaner we send you is committed to quality. You won’t get that from that big franchise employee.
  • Fair Pricing
    This does not meant the cheapest price. The cheapest carpet cleaner is never the best deal. Our prices include everything needed for a carpet cleaning and represent the best value in Helena, AL carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process begins with a deep vacuuming of your home or office carpet. This is an important and often skipped step because dry soil is much easier to remove than wet mud. Next, a pre-conditioning cleaner designed to break down and absorb soil is applied to your carpet. This is a crucial step and one that many Helena, AL carpet cleaners like to charge an additional fee for. It is included at no additional charge because we do not believe in charging extra for something that every carpet has to have. Finally, your carpet is rinsed clean with high temperature water to remove the soil and the pre-conditioning agent. Your carpet is left clean, residue free and only slightly damp. After the carpet cleaning, you are asked to inspect the carpet and our professionals will be happy to address any concerns that you might have.