carpet cleaningAt Cross Country Carpet Cleaning, we understand that it can be difficult for the average consumer to choose a good carpet cleaning service. After all, you only clean your carpet once a year on average, so how can you know what to look for. We want to earn your business and want to make it easy for you to be confident in choosing us. Here is what separates us from the competition in Fultondale, AL.

Our Cleaning Method
We use the method that carpet manufacturers want you to use, hot water extraction. This method, commonly referred to as steam cleaning is able to remove the most soil from a carpet and dose so in a safe fashion. It is a balanced approach to carpet cleaning that does not depend on harsh chemicals or aggressive agitation. If you want a deep down clean, you want steam cleaning.

Our Cleaning Equipment
Many carpet cleaners use portable machines to steam clean. These machines run off of household current and are therefore not able to produce high temperatures or high levels of vacuum. Our technicians use truck mounted machines which are powered by a gas engine. These machines produce more heat, more vacuum power and allow us to flush more water through your carpet. More water means more dirt is being removed. And, because the vacuum levels of these machines is so high, most of the water is removed so your carpet will dry quickly.

Our Technicians
We use only independent carpet cleaning experts with a minimum of ten years of industry experience. We also track customer satisfaction to ensure that our techs are getting the job done. In a high employee turnover industry like carpet cleaning, the only way to ensure quality and experience is to use career carpet cleaners.

Our Cleaning Process

The process that we use to clean carpet is hot water extraction, better known to most as steam cleaning. This is the only method recommended by every major carpet mill. Dry cleaning methods can make a carpet look a little better but they are no match for the soil loads found in a residential carpet. Here is what is inckuded in our steam cleaning process.

  • Vacuuming
    Commercial quality vacuuming to remove dry soil before water is applied.
  • Pre-Treatment
    Safe cleaning solution designed to break down and absorb soil and oil. Some Fultondale companies like to charge extra for this step, but we always include it.
  • Basic Spot Cleaning
    Ordinary spots are treated and cleaned for no additional charge.
  • Extraction
    Truck mounted hot water extraction designed to flush the soil from your carpet and leave it soft and clean.
  • Guarantee
    We invite you to inspect the carpet when we finish. Our technicians will make sure you are happy with the cleaning before they leave.