carpet cleaningWhen looking for a carpet cleaner in Forestdale, it is easy to get frustrated and just choose a company based on price. After all, most companies say the same thing and look identical. Shopping on price alone is always a mistake in this industry. Low priced cleaners almost always come with hidden fees that will dive the price up. We realize that it is hard to choose a quality cleaning service, so we lay it all out there so you can make an easy decision. Here is why you should choose us for your carpet cleaning in Forestdale, AL.

We Use The Best Carpet Cleaning System
Every major carpet manufacturer recommends hot water extraction as the best method. Some even require it. This is because it is capable of removing the most soil and is gentler on the carpet. It is a balanced approach to carpet cleaning which takes advantage of water flow, heat and just the right amount of cleaners and agitation. Other methods, such as dry cleaning, use less moisture and must increase the use of agitation or chemical. This can be damaging to a carpet.

We Use Up To Date Equipment
The only way to do hot water extraction or steam cleaning the right way is with a truck mounted machine. These machines are powered by gas engines and produce hotter water, higher levels of vacuum and are capable of higher water flow. They get your carpet cleaner and dry in just a few hours, in most cases.

We Use Industry Experts
Our carpet cleaners are industry experts with at least ten years of carpet cleaning experience. They are career carpet cleaners, not employees like the carpet cleaners at the big franchise. This is a high turnover industry and most employees are short time ones with little experience.

Our Cleaning Process

We use the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning using truck mounted machines. This is important because truck mounted machines are far more powerful. Not all Forestdale carpet cleaners use these machines, because they are expensive, but we feel that they are worth it.

What Is Included?

  • Vacuuming
    Commercial quality vacuuming to remove dry soil before water is applied.
  • Pre-Treatment
    Safe cleaning solution designed to break down and absorb soil and oil.
  • Basic Spot Cleaning
    Ordinary spots are treated and cleaned for no additional charge.
  • Extraction
    Truck mounted hot water extraction designed to flush the soil from your carpet and leave it soft and clean.
  • Guarantee
    We invite you to inspect the carpet when we finish. Our technicians will make sure you are happy with the cleaning before they leave.