carpet cleaningWelcome to the Cross Country Carpet Cleaning website. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Calera, we want to be that company. We realize that you have many choices in local carpet cleaning services so we are going to take a minute and tell you what makes us the best choice. Please take a minute to see what we have to offer and if you have any questions, please pick up the phone and just give us a call.

Why Choose Cross Country?

  • We use the industry’s best cleaning method.
    The major carpet cleaning manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because it is the safest and most effective method. This is the method that we use in Calera because we want to do the best job possible and we want you to maintain your original carpet warranty. There are other, easier and cheaper ways to clean a carpet but none of them work as well as steam cleaning or hot water extraction.
  • We use the best equipment in the industry.
    You can get the job done with a portable carpet cleaner but nothing works better than a truck mounted machine. Our truck mounted machines are powered by their own gasoline engines. This allows us to produce much hotter water, higher levels of vacuum and more water pressure. It allows us to get your carpet cleaner and to get it dry in a matter of hours in most cases.
  • We have the best cleaning technicians in Calera.
    The last thing that you want is an employee of that big franchise cleaning your carpet. Employees in this industry have little experience in most cases because this is a high turnover industry. This is why we only send out independent carpet cleaners that we have approved. Our technicians have a minimum of five years of experience and have a proven track record of quality. We keep track of customer satisfaction and only send out cleaners who are devoted to quality.

What is included in our carpet cleaning price?

A lot of companies like to advertise a super cheap price and then pull the rug out from under you with hidden fees. Our base price includes everything needed for an average carpet cleaning. Here is what is included.

  • Vacuuming
    Commercial quality pre-vacuuming to remove dry soil before water is applied. Soil is easier to remove in a dry form rather than in a sticky wet form.
  • Pre-Treatment
    A safe and effective cleaning solution designed to break down and absorb soil, oil and grease.  It is applied and give time to dwell and go to work.
  • Basic Spot Cleaning
    Ordinary spots are treated and cleaned for no additional charge.
  • Extraction
    High temperature truck mounted hot water extraction designed to flush the soil from your carpet and leave it soft and clean. 200 plus degree water will rinse your carpet thoroughly clean.
  • Guarantee
    We invite you to inspect the carpet when we finish. Our techs will make sure you are happy with the cleaning before they leave.