carpet cleaningWhen looking for a carpet cleaner in Bessemer, we realize that you have many choices, which is why we strive to separate ourselves from our competition. To do this, we use the best cleaning method, the best equipment and the best trained cleaning technicians.

The best carpet cleaning method is hands down hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. This is the method approved my the majority of carpet manufacturers. The reason for this is that it is capable of removing the most soil and it is safe for carpet. Other cleaning methods like dry carpet cleaning rely too much on aggressive agitation and strong chemicals. They can actually damage a carpet.

The best equipment to use is truck mounted steam cleaning. Many Bessemer,AL companies use portable cleaning machines but these machines lack the power to get the job done right. The truck mounted machines used by our cleaning technicians cost much more than portable equipment but they produce more heat and vacuum power. This means your carpet will get cleaner and dry much faster.

Finally, the biggest difference comes from the experience of our cleaning technicians. Our cleaning pros are industry experts with a minimum of ten years experience in the industry. The carpet cleaning industry is a high turnover one and the employees hired by most big companies will have little to no experience. This is why we use only independent owner operator carpet cleaners. They have seen it all and care about the industry.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

The first step in any good cleaning process is a thorough pre-vacuuming of the carpet. Dry soil is easier to remove than wet soil. Next, a pre-spray is applied to the carpet and allowed to dwell. During the dwell time, it breaks down and absorbs soil, grease and oil. Finally, it is rinsed from the carpet with high temperature water and vacuumed out of your home and into a holding tank in our truck mounted machine.

Why Choose A Cross Country Technician?

  • Truck Mounted Machines
    They clean better with more heat, vacuum and water flow.
  • Well Trained Professionals
    No short time employees. Our technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • Quality Guaranteed
    Your satisfaction is guaranteed and are techs are eager to offer the best service in Hoover.