usedboxxer-XL-van-starter-1Regular carpet cleaning is very important to the longevity of your carpet. You can easily double the life of your carpet by cleaning it at regular intervals. Just as important as regular cleaning is the type of cleaning that you have performed. The only method that is recommended by a majority of carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. It has the ability to remove the most soil and is safe for your carpet. Dry carpet cleaning methods have limited ability to remove soil and rely on aggressive agitation or chemicals that can actually damage your carpet.

When it comes to steam cleaning, you have two systems available. Portable steam cleaning machines and truck mounted steam cleaning machines. The better of the two is truck mounted steam cleaning and this is the method that our technicians employ. Truck mounted machines produce more heat, water flow and vacuum power. They allow us to get your carpet cleaner and to get it dry in a hurry. Not every company uses these systems because they are expensive, but they are worth it to achieve the end results that we are looking for.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Step One: Vacuuming
    We begin the job with a commercial vacuuming of the carpet if needed. Dry soil removal is important because it is easier to remove dust and dirt when it is dry as opposed to when it is wet and sticky.
  • Step Two: Pre Treatment
    Every carpet needs a pre-treatment to break down and emulsify oily soil. Some carpet cleaners in Birmingham charge extra for this but our technicians feel it is ridiculous to charge extra for something that every carpet needs.
  • Step Three: Extraction
    After allowing the pre-treatment to break down the soil, we rinse your carpet with high temperature water. The soil and pretreatment is completely rinsed from the carpet and vacuumed up by the powerful vacuums on our truck mounted machines. It is completely removed from your house to a holding tank in our van.
  • Step Four: Spot Cleaning
    Any normal spots that are not removed by the cleaning process are spot cleaned. Stains such as red dye and ink may require additional treatments.
  • Step Five: Inspection
    We invite you to inspect your carpet before we leave and will correct any issues that you might have.

Why Choose Us?

  • We use truck mounted machines that are more powerful and leave your carpet cleaner and drier.
  • Our technicians are industry professionals, not part time employees. They have years of cleaning experience.
  • We are devoted to quality and will do what it takes to make you happy.

Serving: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Alabaster, Bessemer, Homewood, Northport, Pelham, Mountain Brook, Hueytown, Center Point, Helena, Moody, Gardendale, Trussville, McCalla, Leeds, Forestdale, Pleasant Grove, Irondale, Fultondale, Pinson, Chelsea, Calera & Springville.