Austin, TX Carpet CleaningIn Austin, there are many carpet cleaners willing to take your money but there are few that will do the job right. We are one of the good ones. Of course, any company can say that so we are going to prove it to you. Just take a minute to learn about all that we have to offer and you will see that we are the right choice.

Why Cross Country?

We do things differently than other Austin area carpet cleaning companies. From our excellent customer service to the way that we truly care about the results, we are in a carpet cleaning world of our own. Here are a few of the top reasons to give us a call.

We deep steam clean.
There are a number of different cleaning methods on the market. Some of them are trendy and while they might make your carpet look a bit better, they will not deep clean your carpet. The only way to deep clean a carpet is to steam clean it with the hot water extraction method. This is why every major carpet manufacturer recommends hot water extraction as the method of choice. This is the type of cleaning that we do because we want to get your carpet deep down clean.

We use truck mounts.
Truck mounted machines are the Cadillacs of carpet cleaning equipment. Not every company uses them because they are quite expensive but they do a much better job of cleaning your carpet. The truck mounted machines used by our techs get your carpet cleaner because they produce higher water temperature and much higher levels of vacuum. They also get your carpet dry faster than other machines.

We use experienced technicians.
Many companies in Austin will use an abbreviated training method so that they can just get carpet cleaners out there. Most of their employees are learning on the job and on your carpet. Our techs are industry veterans with a minimum of five years of carpet cleaning experience. Experience counts.

There are no hidden fees.
We all hate surprises when it comes to money. We never use tricky pricing methods. The price that we quote always includes everything needed for an average carpet cleaning. No surprises.

We serve all of Austin, TX.
This includes West Lake, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Hutto, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Marble Falls, Liberty Hill & Burnet.

Professional Cleaning Services

We do more than just carpet cleaning. We also offer a number of related services. Here are some of our most popular ones.

  • Carpet Cleaning
    Wall to wall carpet cleaning using truck mounted machines and zero residue cleaners. We clean all types of carpet including Nylon, Olefin and Wool.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    Don’t forget about your upholstered furniture. Regular cleaning can increase the life of your furniture and will definitely improve your enjoyment of it.
  • Tile And Grout
    You might think that your ceramic tile and grout is beyond saving but this is usually not the case. We use a high powered steam cleaning system that will literally blast away years of soiling in just minutes.
  • Natural Stone
    Stone cleaning is not something that every company does well. It takes years of experience to know how to clean each different type of stone. Ask us about our enhancers that will bring out more of the stone’s natural beauty.
  • Air Duct Cleaning
    Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned? If not, your dirty air ducts could be contributing to an unhealthy indoor environment. Give us a call so that we can inspect your system.
  • Water (Flood) Damage
    Time is crucial with water damage. With every minute that passes, water is spreading further. Get the water shut off and give us a call immediately. We can be out there in just minutes and can start remedying the situation.
  • Rugs
    We offer in shop rug cleaning and in home cleaning for certain types of rugs. Pick up and delivery is always available in most areas of Austin.
  • Wood Floors
    Before you commit to refinishing your wood floor, find out about wood floor cleaning. It might be all that you need to restore the shine to your floor. We have a fantastic system that can remove years of residue and restore  your shine.

Have A Question?

If you have any more questions about us or our cleaning systems, please give us a call or email us. Here are some frequently asked questions that we often get.

  • How long does it take to clean my carpet?
    This depends on how dirty your carpet is and how big your rooms are. In most situations, it takes about 20 minutes per room of carpet being cleaned.
  • I have kids. Do I need to keep them off the carpet?
    You can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning but limit traffic as much as you can. Be sure to not move any furniture back on the carpet until it is completely dry and leave any tabs that we have placed under furniture legs in place until it is dry.
  • Will it take a long time to dry?
    No, most carpets will be dry in about 6 to 8 hours. Some will dry much faster and some may take a bit longer. It depends on the level of soiling and the weather of the day.
  • What should I do before you arrive?
    Please have a place for pets and kids to go. Also remove breakables from furniture that is to be moved. Please do not pre-spot stains or in any way pre-treat your carpet.

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