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Welcome to our website. At Cross Country Carpet Cleaning, we do things differently than other Akron carpet cleaners. We treat you like we would want to be treated because we want to earn your business for life and hopefully your referrals as well. It is the only way to grow a successful business. We never use tricky bait and switch pricing tactics and pride ourselves on delivering the best possible carpet cleaning, guaranteed. To do this, we use state of the art truck mounted machines, well trained, experienced carpet cleaners and only the best safe cleaning products. Give us a try once and you will never think about hiring another Akron carpet cleaner. If  you are ready to schedule, please give us a call. If you need more information, keep reading.

Best Akron Carpet Cleaning

Many cleaners claim to be the best but few of them can back it up. We will back up our boast and here are a few ways that we do that.

  • We use the best carpet cleaning method.
    For residential carpet cleaning, there is only one method that gets the job done and that is hot date extraction or steam cleaning. This is why every major carpet manufacturer recommends it. Other methods like dry cleaning can make your carpet look a little better but they only hide the dirt. They lack the ability to remove a great amount of soil because their approach is not balances. Steam cleaning balances water flow with temperature with chemical and with agitation. Dry cleaning lacks the water flow that is needed to remove soil, so it just does not work as well. If you want it deep down clean, insist on steam cleaning.
  • We have the best trained technicians.
    We only use carpet cleaners with at least five years of carpet cleaning experience. Those big franchises can not maintain employees and they are constantly hiring new carpet cleaners. This means that the average employee that they send you might only have a few months or few weeks of experience. We use independent carpet cleaners and vigilantly monitor their customer satisfaction rating to make sure that they maintain our standards.
  • We use the best equipment.
    A lot of Akron carpet cleaning services use portable machines that run on household electricity. These machines can not produce and maintain high temperatures or levels of vacuum. Our truck mounted machines produce much more heat and vacuum power because they are powered by their own gas engines. They allow us to get your carpet much cleaner and dry in just a matter of hours.
  • We do not have hidden fees.
    We don’t like games and are sure that you do not either. That is why we have no hidden fees or charges. The price that we quote you includes everything that is needed for the average cleaning. Some companies like to charge extra for things that every carpet needs like pre-treatment or spot cleaning. We do not play these games.
  • We have a large service area.
    We serve Rochester, New York and Brighton, Gates, Mendon, Pittsford, Penfield, East Rochester, Fairport & Webster.

Carpet Cleaning Akron OH

Our Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
    We deep clean residential and commercial carpet with truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. We also use only well trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians and the best, safe cleaning solutions. When you want it done right, give us a call.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    One of our other specialties is upholstery cleaning. We take the time to do it right by analyzing your upholstery before we do it. It might sound strange, but your upholstery needs to be inspected well before a cleaning because there are many different types of materials and construction methods used in furniture. This means that one method can not be sued on every  piece. We take the time to choose the best method that will clean well and is safe.
  • Stone Cleaning
    Natural stone has become very popular and attainable for more people over the last few years. We are experts at cleaning the most delicate of stone and can apply stone enhancers that can bring out the inner beauty of it.
  • Tile & Grout
    Look at your grout lines. Are they a much darker color than they once were? You do not have to put up with dirty grout. For a reasonable fee, we can restore your tile and grout to a like new condition with our high pressure grout cleaning system. And even better, there is no mess and you can use your floor immediately.
  • Air Duct Cleaning
    If you are sneezing more when you are in your house than when you are outside, you might need air duct cleaning. Give us a call and schedule an inspection of your air ducts. We will give you an honest opinion on their condition and provide a course of action.
  • Water Damage Removal & Restoration
    If you have had a water leak or an overflown toilet, you need to act quickly. Water will spread through your home and cause further damage if you do not act quickly. We have technicians standing by to handle these emergencies in Akron, OH 24 hours a day.
  • Area Rugs Cleaning
    Whether you have an inexpensive nylon rug or a silk rug worth thousands, we can handle the job. We perform both on site and off site rug cleaning with delivery and pick up service available.
  • Wood Floors
    Yes, you can have wood floor professionally cleaned and yes, it does make a world of difference. We can remove the residue that is stuck to your floor from soil and years of cleaning. Let us bring back the shine without sanding.

Why Clean Your Carpet?

A regular carpet cleaning has many advantages. You should clean your carpet in Akron once or twice a year and here is why.

  • A clean carpet lasts longer. You can nearly double the life by cleaning your carpet regularly because cleaning removes abrasive soil.
  • A clean carpet is healthier because carpet traps contaminants, keeping them out of the air. It acts like an air filter, but this figure should be cleaned out often.
  • A clean carpet looks better. There is no denying the fact that a clean carpet just looks better and makes your home seem cleaner.
  • A clean carpet feels better. There is no beating the feel of a soft, fluffy carpet on your feet.

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