Cross Country Carpet Cleaning was envisioned in 2010 with the idea of offering quality professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services nationwide. Through the Cross Country Carpet Cleaning network, consumers are put into contact with industry professional independent carpet cleaners. The cleaning professionals are approved only after meeting certain criteria. In this way, consumers can be sure that they are getting the absolute best in carpet cleaning. We are able to screen our carpet cleaners in a way that no consumer, with limited industry knowledge, could do.

Cross Country Carpet Cleaning Criteria

Any carpet cleaner who is a part of the Cross Country system must meet the following criteria.

  • Five Years Of Cleaning Experience
    They must have been in the business for a minimum of five years. This means that the technicians will have the knowledge to handle just about any situation and they will not be “learning” on your carpet.
  • Perform Hot Water Extraction
    They must perform hot water extraction as the primary cleaning method for residential carpet. Dry carpet cleaning methods are not suitable for residential carpet.
  • Truck Mounted Machinery
    They must use truck mounted machines which are more powerful than portable cleaning equipment. This provides for a deeper clean and shorter dry times.
  • Honest Pricing Methods
    They must use honest pricing methods with no hidden fees and agree to abide by the Cross Country Carpet Cleaning bas price.
  • Record Of Quality
    They must have a track record of quality cleaning and customer service. This record must be maintained and they may lose status as a Cross Country Carpet Cleaning technician if their record becomes poor.